Auburn University

College of Liberal Arts | Class of 2015

Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations, minor in Marketing
Graduated Magna Cum Laude

During my time at Auburn, I studied under professors and mentors who guided and shaped my understanding of public relations and business today. My education was enhanced by my activities that allowed me to apply the skills I was learning in the classroom. I took opportunities to meet new people and set out to be a campus leader, and I feel that I was successful at both. As I grew intellectually, I also grew in character. I was surrounded by role models of strong character and work ethic and their influences can be felt in my life today. I am thankful for my time at Auburn and all that I learned through my four years.

Information about my courses and studies can be found below. You can learn more about my activities and honors or the skills that I acquired in the dropdown menu under "Resume" or by selecting the links provided.


I was an active member of the Honors College during my four years at Auburn. As a member, I chose courses that were particularly challenging and completed supplemental projects to exceed honors requirements.


The Dean's List recognizes students whose semester GPA is greater than 3.6. I made the Dean's list five times during my studies at Auburn.

Applicable Coursework

Public Relations Coursework

  • Newspaper Fundamentals- this rigorous course is designed to test students in their ability to memorize and apply proper spelling, word usage and AP style. Every journalism and public relations major is required to pass this course with an 85 or higher.
  • Foundations of Public Relations- an introductory course documenting the history and basic principles of public relations.
  • Case Studies and Ethics in Public Relations- an in depth analysis of real-world cases involving ethical theories in public relations.
  • Writing for Public Relations- students learn to write different pieces that will be necessary to be a successful public relations practitioner. You also work with clients to create applicable works that can be added to a portfolio.
  • Survey and Research Methods- a course designed to teach research tactics and data analysis, as it relates to public relations.
  • Style and Design in Public Relations- a combination of client writing, graphic and web design, and journalistic styling.
  • Public Relations Campaigns- a semester-long project designed to meet the PR needs of an assigned client.

  • Marketing Coursework

  • Principles of Marketing- this introductory marketing course discusses the fundamental principles of marketing.
  • Advertising- the study of the connection between individual advertising agencies, companies, media markets and consumers. This course combines historical knowledge, business skills and practical application to give students a strong understanding of advertising as a form of marketing.
  • Retail Management- a course that explains all of the key principles that are necessary to be a successful retailer.
  • Personal Selling- this unorthodox course teaches students how to sell themselves and products, both in the business world and in their personal lives.
  • Consumer Behavior- the study of consumer actions and reactions to marketing strategies.
  • Marketing on the Internet- best practices, policies and actualities of reaching the end consumer on the Internet.

  • Elective Coursework

  • Speaking Before Audiences- an advanced public speaking course that focuses on applicable styles of professional speech. Students are required to give individual, group and impromptu speeches and must use minimal speaking notes and proper citations.
  • Sports Reporting- a journalism course that demonstrates how to cover sporting events, player profiles and long-forum sports stories.
  • Intercultural Communication- this online course challenges students to think about how they form relationships and communicate with people from different cultural backgrounds.
  • Fame, Celebrity and Media Culture- an unorthodox course that documents the effect fame has on culture, on the famous, and on citizens. The course follows closely media and popular culture news, as well as reviews the impact celebrity moments in history.
  • From Movable Type to the iPod- a timeline course that demonstrates the connectedness between inventions through time. Students researched time periods through history and created a 30-page book outlining inventions.
  • Intermediate French II (French 4)- the final introductory course in the French series at Auburn. I took 4 years of French in high school.
  • Elementary German I (German 1)- introduction to the German language and culture.